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VERTIC (Verification Research, Training, and Implementation Centre) , is an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to advancing global security. Established with a clear vision, the mission at VERTIC is to actively support the development, implementation, and effectiveness of international agreements, alongside related regional and national initiatives. Through research, training, and hands-on support, we continue to contribute to a safer and more secure world.

Mission and Focus: At the core of the organisations commitment to addressing crucial aspects such as monitoring, review, legislation, and verification. VERTIC's unwavering dedication is particularly evident in our focus on issues that define the success and sustainability of these agreements.

Research and Dissemination: A hallmark of VERTIC's contributions is the publication of cutting-edge research on verification regimes. The insights, findings, and analyses are disseminated through a series of openly available publications, ensuring accessibility for policymakers, scholars, and the public alike.

Training and Education: Recognising the importance of knowledge dissemination, VERTIC extends its impact through comprehensive training initiatives. Workshops conducted worldwide and our robust internship program equip individuals with the necessary skills and understanding to navigate the intricate landscape of verification and arms control.

Ratification Support: VERTIC actively supports governments and international organizations in their pursuit of making agreements binding. VERTIC's expertise comes to the forefront as we offer invaluable assistance in the intricate process of ratification, playing a pivotal role in transforming commitments into tangible, enforceable measures.

Legislation and Regulation: In furtherance of the commitment to tangible impact, VERTIC assists governments in translating international commitments into national legislation and regulations. By facilitating this translation, we contribute to the alignment of global aspirations with local legal frameworks.

Objective and Impartial: The work of VERTIC is characterized by objectivity and impartiality. We navigate the complex landscape of international agreements with a commitment to providing accurate, unbiased assessments and support, fostering trust and credibility in our interactions with governments and organizations worldwide.


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