The Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit,Thailand and the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford combine to form MORU.

MORU is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the Mahidol University and was established in 1979. MORU’s mission is to perform targeted clinical and public health investigations, using the best science, to yield simple and affordable interventions making a significant impact on morbidity and mortality in the tropics. The primary objective is to improve health and to reduce the disease burden of populations in the developing world, with a focus on Asia; but the effects are global, as many infectious disease threats originate in this area and many principles are generalisable. MORU’s work has shown that major improvements in medicine can derive from a well-integrated, broad based, multidisciplinary, multinational, clinical and laboratory research network. MORU’s research work aims to inform health policy, change clinical practice, and reduce the mortality from diseases in the tropics.
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