The consortium delivering this technical proposal is formed by lead consortium member Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions Europe (Belgium), together with:


ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco (Italy)



European CBRNe Center, Umeå University (Sweden)



Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit - MORU - (Thailand)


National Institute for Public Health and the Environment - RIVM (The Netherlands)

University of Oxford  (UK)


Public Health England - PHE (UK)


Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions - SCJS - (UK)


Verification Research, Training and Information Centre - VERTIC (UK)

This is a world-leading consortium of implementing partners, who hold a robust track record in CBRN capacity building activities and biosafety and biosecurity expertise. Led by the Belgium not-for-profit organisation SCJS Europe, each partner conforms to the requirements of being either an EU Member State government organisation or a non-profit institution. Each partner will be integral to the delivery of work package activities, either through the status of work package leaders or through the provision of Non-Key Expert (NKE) support.

Through delivery in previous and ongoing CBRN projects in the South-East Asia (SEA) region, the consortium has established excellent relations with a wide portfolio of high-interest and high-influence stakeholders, as well as with local leading experts in the field of biosecurity. Thanks to this, not only can project activities be delivered to the highest quality, the consortium holds an acute level of contextual knowledge, which will support a dynamic approach to the management of ongoing project issues and risks.

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