Webinar - WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual, 4th Edition - 9th February 2021


Prof. Stuart Blacksell led the latest in the series of webinars sponsored by the CBRN CoE Regional Secretariat for South East Asia. Entitled "Release of new WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual, 4th Edition: Implications for Labs in Low and Middle Income Countries and the Development of WHO COVID-19 Biosafety and Biosecurity Guidance", the webinar was well attended with a high volume of participation. 

For those unable to attend the materials from the webinar will be available for the next 7 days at the following link - https://we.tl/t-inNaCUkzP4









Work Package 7 - COVID-19 - Launch Webinar - 24th November 2020


Team leader John Jones and project experts from VERTIC, PHE and RIVM launched a new workstream for the Project which is specifically focussed on COVID-19. Introduced as an additional work package by the European Commission, following the outbreak of the global pandemic, National Focal Points and key stakeholders were introduced to the approach, themes and online learning platforms planned to be used as part of the delivery mechanism. Conducted using Zoom, the webinar provided the opportunity for discussion and the sharing of thoughts across the region.














Regional Secretariat Webinars - October 2020

Our project team continued to support UNICRI and the EU CBRN Regional Secretariat for South East Asia with its COVID-19 related series of webinars throughout the month of October. On the 20th October, Dr's VU, Ngoc Long, NGUYEN Cong Khanh, NGUYEN Thanh Thuy and NGUYEN Dang Tho shared Viet Nam's experience of COVD-10 control and response. A week later Dr. Maria Suleiman relayed the Malaysian experience.

Project Co-ordination Meeting - 8th September 2020

Our next coordination meeting with key individuals from DG DEVCO, EU Regional Secretariat, Project 81 Key Experts and UNICRI is set for Tuesday the 8th September.

Webinar on 'Biological Inventory Database' - Friday 4th September

Dr Joris Sprokolt & Dr Saskia Rutjes from RIVM will be the guest speakers on this webinar organised by the Biorisk Association of Singapore & EU CBRN CoE.

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CoE_SEA_WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual,

Webinar - 18th August 2020

The seventh webinar in the series run by the CBRN CoE Regional Secretariat for South East Asia will be presented by the project team who will provide "An overview of International Activities in Response to COVID-19 - Part 2". 



Tuesday 18 August @ 5pm (Manila time) / 11am (Brussels time)


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Webinar - 4th August 2020

The sixth webinar in a series run by the CBRN CoE Regional Secretariat for South East Asia will be presented by CBRN CoE Project 81 - BIOSEC, who will provide "An Overview of International Activities in Response to COVID-19".

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Tuesday 4 August @ 5pm (Manila time) / 11am (Brussels time)

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951 9423 1713 



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Project Update 22/7/20

The fifth in a series of webinars hosted by the CBRN CoE Regional Secretariat took place yesterday. Focused on sharing experiences and knowledge on the subject of COVID-19, colleagues from Brunei Darussalam delivered a presentation on laboratory construction.













Project Update 14/7/20

The European Commission have agreed to extend the project by six months due to the impact of the global pandemic. Project activity will now conclude on the 26th May 2023. In addition it has been agreed that a dedicated COVID19 work package will be included in the terms of reference.

Project Update: 3/6/20

The first CBRN CoE interregional tele-workshop took place today. The experiences of the United Arab Emirates in containing a cluster outbreak during a cycling tour on Yas Island (UAE) in February 2020, was presented by three representatives of the Emirati National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), led by Mr Ahmed Al Shemeili (UAE NFP).

Project Update: 20/4/20

The global impact of COVID-19 has resulted in activities being limited for the foreseeable future until such times as restrictions are lifted which allow for project activity to resume. However the project team continue to speak regularly and discuss different means by which project activity can be achieved. Communication with points of contact in partner countries and key stakeholder organisations continues our level of engagement with the region.

A recently published EU COVID-19 factsheet outlining the EU's work in region highlights the work of this project. In respect of COVID-19 this project is considering introducing some relevant activities into the scope of the project.

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Myanmar, 10 to 12/3/20:

Project team leader John Jones, travelled to Myanmar to conduct an initial workshop with partner countries. Despite the impact of COVID-19, representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Viet Nam attended and contributed to a well supported and mutually beneficial event.

Video links to colleagues and the project team in Europe worked successfully and progress was made towards a working definition of 'Biosecurity' and data capture.

Bogor, 10/12/19:
Indonesia hosts the 17th National Focal Points Roundtable Meeting for Southeast Asia of the EU CBRN CoE. CBRN CoE Project 81 launched.