Project Update: 3/6/20

The first CBRN CoE interregional tele-workshop took place today. The experiences of the United Arab Emirates in containing a cluster outbreak during a cycling tour on Yas Island (UAE) in February 2020, was presented by three representatives of the Emirati National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), led by Mr Ahmed Al Shemeili (UAE NFP).

Project Update: 20/4/20

The global impact of COVID-19 has resulted in activities being limited for the foreseeable future until such times as restrictions are lifted which allow for project activity to resume. However the project team continue to speak regularly and discuss different means by which project activity can be achieved. Communication with points of contact in partner countries and key stakeholder organisations continues our level of engagement with the region.

A recently published EU COVID-19 factsheet outlining the EU's work in region highlights the work of this project. In respect of COVID-19 this project is considering introducing some relevant activities into the scope of the project.

Myanmar, 10 to 12/3/20:

Project team leader John Jones, travelled to Myanmar to conduct an initial workshop with partner countries. Despite the impact of COVID-19, representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Viet Nam attended and contributed to a well supported and mutually beneficial event.

Video links to colleagues and the project team in Europe worked successfully and progress was made towards a working definition of 'Biosecurity' and data capture.

Bogor, 10/12/19:
Indonesia hosts the 17th National Focal Points Roundtable Meeting for Southeast Asia of the EU CBRN CoE. CBRN CoE Project 81 launched.
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