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SCJS is a UK public-sector not-for-profit organisation, supporting and delivering sustainable Rule of Law Projects and initiatives on behalf of and under the control of the UK Home Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Justice, in over 60 countries around the world.

SCJS also operates with a ‘Mandated Body’ status to deliver European Union Twinning Projects on behalf of the UK Government.

SCJS currently leads three European Commission CBRN Centres of Excellence initiatives across the globe;
P54 ‘Capacity building for medical preparedness and response to CBRN incidents in the Middle East’,
P61 ‘SEACHEM- Sound Management of Chemicals and their Associated Wastes in South East Asia’,
P67 ‘Strengthening CBRN Waste Management Capabilities in South-East and Eastern European Countries’.

SCJS was the lead UK delivery partner in P53 ‘Strengthening the National Legal Framework and provision of specialised training on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Central Asian countries’ .
Due to SCJS’s experience in delivering P61, SCJS has a sound knowledge of operating in the South-East Asian region with existing and established professional networks. It has a good reputation in directly managing multi-million EUR transnational projects.
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