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Located in Umeå University, Sweden, the European CBRNE Center initiates, coordinates and participates in national and international research and development projects within the field of CBRNE. The purpose of the projects is to improve preparedness and management of CBRNE incidents. The Center also performs commissioned training exercises.

The European CBRNE Center is made up of seven partners: Umeå University, Umeå municipality, Region Västerbotten, Västerbotten County Council (VLL), The National CBRN Defence Centre of the Swedish Armed Forces, The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), and The Swedish National Fortification Agency. The Center is ran by a board with representatives from all partners. The Center is located in the KBC Building on the Umeå University campus.

The seven members of the Center contribute to the different projects with expertise and infrastructure. Umeå University holds world leading, ground-breaking, international research within areas such as microbiology, molecular infection medicine, population studies, and environment and energy research. FOI and VLL perform applied medical and technical scientific research with direct connection to CBRNE and security.

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