Part of ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bioemergencies (CLIMVIB) is an authority for microbiological diagnostic activities in Italy. It is equipped to carry out the traditional culture tests for bacteriology, mycology and parasitology, but also performs the most innovative molecular biology tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Our facilities include fully equipped high containment facilities, including BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories and was listed as one of the two national laboratories for the response to bioterrorism and pandemics.

Besides routine laboratory work, the department is responsible for a wide variety of activities and services including university courses within University of Milan and other educational activities, as well as research in the field of bio-risk management, international projects in the field of CBRN safety and security, as well as medical emergency response after CBRN events.

Currently the work of the laboratories team of doctors, technicians and researchers, provides a platform to discuss new tools, new trends and new implementation opportunities on biosafety and biosecurity.

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