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Webinar 18/08/2020 - An Overview of International Activities in Response to COVID-19 - Part 2.

Due to technical problems the webinar was only partly recorded. The link below captures the introduction by John Jones followed by the opening address of Mr Florentino Manalastas Jr. Head of the Regional Secretariat, South East Asia. Thereafter the presentation by Dr Stuart Blacksell, Senior Research Scientist , Bio-risk and Zoonosis group leader, Health and Safety team leader and Post-graduate Student Coordinator, Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), Bangkok, Thailand is heard.

Webinar 04/04/2020 - CBRN Project 81 Overview

The audio recording of the webinar can be found below with indicative timings as follows:

Start - Introduction from Team Leader - John Jones.

02:30 - Opening remarks from Mr. Florentino Manalastas, Jr., Head of Regional Secretariat for South East Asia.

06:00 - John Jones - P81 overview.

18:30 - Dr. Alessandro Mancon - “Response to COVID-19 pandemic: the experience of Sacco Hospital, Milan, Italy

36:00 - Dr Saskia Rutjes, National Institute for Public Health, The Netherlands.

61:00 - Prof. Christopher Logue, Virology, Biosafety and Molecular Biology Training lead at Public Health England.

95:00 - closing remarks.